Author(s): Serhat SARGIN1, Meryem Ceylan2, Emin TATLISU3
  • 1. Konya Munisipality, Konya, Turkiye
  • 2. Konya Munisipality, Konya, Turkiye
  • 3. Konya Munisipality, Konya, Turkiye

Abstract: By recording the type and amount of recyclable waste (mixed, paper, plastic, glass, metal, waste vegetable oil, waste medicine, etc.) collected separately at the source in all 31 districts of Konya, starting from the central districts, in the system at the source; To see exactly how much waste is produced at the waste point, street, region, neighborhood, district and province and to analyze the data. First of all, our website was launched in order to increase citizens access to recyclable waste points in the central districts and to inform them about zero waste, and recyclable waste points were added to the map environment and published in coordination with the central district municipalities. We started working with Karatay Municipality, one of the central districts of Konya, and all points where recyclable waste is received within the district borders have been entered into the system and data has started to be recorded. It is planned to start working with other central districts as of 2023.