Author(s): Kimete Tataveshi1, Bruno Tataveshi2, Genta Rexha3,
  • 1. Department of Art Design, Faculty of Applied and Economic Sciences, Albanian University ,
  • 2. Shijak Municipality, Durrës, Albania ,
  • 3. Department of Engineering, Faculty of Applied and Economic Sciences, Albanian University ,

Abstract: Rainwater collection is an ancient practice in many countries and a relatively new concept in Albania. To get national attention, being Albania a country with hydric potential in the winter period, we must encourage part of the population to implement some of the sustainable practices such as the rainwater management approach. Given the economic potential of this green practice which will soon become a way of life, the need to preserve rainwater should be emphasized to illustrate the economic value, which is a long-term investment to save money, water, reduce local floods, longer life for the roads, and incrementation of the apartments financial value. The study is focused on the city of Durres, as the roads of the city are always flooding during storms in winter and has a limited amount of water available during summer, mainly due to serious losses of drinking water in the distribution system. We will present here a case study of rainwater management system design and cost analysis.