Author(s): Fatma Kunt1, Cigdem Ciftci2, S. Yurdagul KUMCU3, Flora Merko4
  • 1. Necmettin Erbakan University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Environmental Engineering, Konya, Turkey
  • 2. Department of City and Regional Planning, “Necmettin Erbakan” University, Konya, Turkey
  • 3. Necmettin Erbakan University, Civil Engineering Department, Konya, Turkey
  • 4. Alexander Mosiu University,Tirana, Albania

Abstract: Air pollution shows itself as an important problem especially in big cities. The amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere, residence times and sedimentation in soil as a result of atmospheric events, causes it to reach negative concentration values in terms of human health. Considering the size and population of Konya province, such negativities are frequently observed. Air pollution measurements and soil analysis in certain regions, accurate estimation of pollutant concentrations will be effective in reducing the negative effects of pollution or taking necessary measures. In this study, based on Konya province, PM, CO2, CO and noise measurements were made separately in summer and winter months with the CEM DT – 9880, IAQ-CALC 7575 and Testo 816-1 devices used in the field of Konya province. Evaluating the obtained results, maps were prepared with the ARCGIS program and analyzed. In addition to this, 15 pieces of soil samples were taken from the surroundings of the Air Quality Monitoring Stations of Konya and its districts and junctions and heavy metal measurements were made. The data obtained were evaluated instantaneously from the National Air Quality Monitoring Network site of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, together with air quality emissions from air monitoring stations. According to HKDY, the limit value has been exceeded by Pb, Fe, Ni elements in KOS and İnnopark regions. In fact, KOS region has 2 times more lead than its Innopark. According to TKKNKKSDY and WHO, soil samples taken from intersections have high values in 8 regions of Konya. Especially the average of 156.2% Fe pollution, exceeding the limit value, the highest value of KOS region with 176.7% and the lowest value of 5.2% Innopark indicates the presence of soil pollution due to air pollution in Konya.