Author(s): Atakan Pirli1, Shima Shaygan2,
  • 1. Ege University, Agriculture Faculty, Landscape Architecture Dept, Izmir, Turkey; ,
  • 2. Tehran university 16th Street, Vosugh st. Zafaranie . Tehran. Iranian ,

Abstract: Especially in the current period, various problems such as drought, deterioration of ecological balance, climate crisis are experienced. For this reason, we need to contribute to a more livable world. We should consider important points within the scope of landscaping works; The most important of these is the economical use of water. For this, it is necessary to use less water and to consume the water economically. Grasses, which are widely used in landscape architecture studies, are plants that need frequent watering. Within the scope of this study, alternative plants were handled instead of grass plants, which are frequently used in landscaping studies but have a high water consumption. Information has been given about alternative plants, and their various features and areas of use, which consume much less water, can be produced easily and quickly, spread quickly, and require much less cost.