Author(s): Atakan Pirli1, Meghdad Sharif2, Bahriye Gülgün3
  • 1. Ege University, Agriculture Faculty, Landscape Architecture Dept, Izmir, Turkey;
  • 2. Tehran university 20, Vosugh st. Zafaranie . Tehran. Iranian
  • 3. Department of Landscape Architecture Faculty of Agriculture, Ege University, Bornova, İzmir- Turkey

Abstract: The term of winter garden winter gardens has started to emerge with the increase in construction and the gradual decrease in our ability to touch nature. Winter gardens are an important opportunity to reduce the stress and fatigue brought about by intense living conditions. It will be easier for us to increase morale and motivation in our lives with winter gardens. Within the scope of this study, information will be given about the meaning, importance, design criteria, styles of winter gardens, and place selection in winter gardens. In addition, information about plants that can be used in winter gardens will be given and sample winter garden visuals will be included.