Author(s): Kumbim Shala1, Altin DORRI2,
  • 1. University of Pristina, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, St. Agim Ramadani, Pristina, Republic of Kosovo ,
  • 2. Polytechnic University of Tirana, Sheshi “Nene Tereza”, nr. 4, Tirane, Albania ,

Abstract: Road accidents are a serious problem of the modern world. They are one of the main causes of injuries and are the third most frequent cause of death. Every year, more than one million people, adults and children, die on the roads and several millions get injured. Mortality rate due to injuries from road accidents amounts to 2.2% of all deaths in the world. The research presents epidemiology of road accidents with particular emphasis on the key issues of road safety in Albania, related to the dangerous behavior of road users (disregard toward traffic rules). Despite the various measures which are taken to improve safety on Albanian roads, the number of dead and wounded in the vehicle mishap is still large, and losses borne by society are high. To improve safety on Albanian roads, it is necessary to continue multi- action plan to systematically progress in the level of road safety.