Author(s): Emine Tilkan1, Sukru Dursun2, Zoran Sapuric3,
  • 1. Environmental Engineering Department, Engineering & Natural Science Faculty, Konya Technical University, Konya, Turkey ,
  • 2. Engineering and Natural Science Faculty, Konya Technical University, Konya, Turkey ,
  • 3. University American College, Skopje, North Macedonia ,

Abstract: This study examines the contribution that manufacture of biogas and biofertilizer from wastes issued from bovine animal producing facilities in the Central Anatolian region, which has become the center of agricultural and animal production over the lastfew years, has on the economy the region and the country. In our country as in the world, the use of renewable energy sources is on therise in line with global warming. It is also significant in terms of the nation’s economy that alternative energy resources are utilized for meeting the need for energy. Manufacture of biogas from animal wastes will not only provide the region with significant economic benefits, but also manifest numerous positive environmental and social effects. The manufacture of biogas in the agriculture and animal husbandry industry has been practiced successfully in developed countries for years. In order to contribute to the popularization of this practice in our country, and especially in the Central Anatolia Region, the quantities of biogas and biofertilizer that could be obtained as a function of different quantities of animals have been presented in this study in tabulated form a worlong with the economic returns associated with them.