Author(s): Handan Çakar1, Bahriye Gülgün2, Kubra Yazici3,
  • 1. Ege University Bayındır Vocational Training School , Programme of Landscape and Ornamental Plants Izmir, Turkey; ,
  • 2. Department of Landscape Architecture Faculty of Agriculture, Ege University, Bornova, İzmir- Turkey ,
  • 3. Department of Landscape Architecture Faculty of Agriculture, Yozgat Bozok University, Erdoğan Akadağ Campus, Yozgat-Turkey ,

Abstract: In consequence of the effect of global warming, the absence of large rivers feeding lakes, evaporation, lack of rainfall and excessive hot days together with the increase in water demands because of evaporation, agricultural use, drinking and utility water and environmental reasons causes the lake level to decrease. This situation creates problems in terms of both ecology and economy, and the appearance of natural areas is also adversely affected. Within the scope of this study, the economic and ecological problems that our lakes are exposed to in general terms, the danger of extinction and the necessary measures to be taken to prevent these problems were discussed.