Author(s): İlahe İbrahimova1,
  • 1. Climate Changes and Ozone Center, Baku, Azerbaijan ,

Abstract: The distribution of temperature regime in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1961-2016 was studied, observation data of hydrometeorological stations operating in this period were used in this research study. As a result of mathematical, statistical and cartographic analysis, it has been again clarified that the temperature regime of the republic varies from north to south and from the plains to the highlands. In addition, multi-year average and seasonal indicators of temperature in different regions of the country were determined. The stations used in the analysis are located in the range of -25 ÷ 2218 m. In higher areas the determination of the abovementioned quantity is based on the variation of the vertical gradient. The study shows that the maximum values of the perennial average temperature are observed in the Kur-Araz plain in the range of 14.6-15.4 0C. The average perennial temperature decreases at higher elevations. The results of the study can be used in future research on climate regime and change, agriculture, tourism and the creation of other large-scale industries in the region.