Author(s): S. Yurdagul KUMCU1
  • 1. Necmettin Erbakan University, Civil Engineering Department, Konya, Turkey

Abstract: The description of the water loss can be defined as the difference between the water that cannot be explained and charged, that is, the amount of water supplied to the drinking water line and the amount of water used by users. It is resulted by water leakages and losses in the pipes in the drinking water line and also unauthorized network connections and water meters that are recorded and/or read incorrectly. These losses leak to underground from cracks of the pipes, from pipe connection points or water structure of infrastructures like valves. Since water pipes are generally buried under the ground, it is very difficult to determine the place of the water leakages, losses and the amount of water leakages due to damages of the pipes. In this study, improvement and development of the studies on the water leakages and losses wil be surveyed and investigated.