Author(s): Altin DORRI1, Saidjon KODHELAJ2
  • 1. Polytechnic University of Tirana, Sheshi “Nene Tereza”, nr. 4, Tirane, Albania
  • 2. 6D-PLAN shpk, Rruga “Jusuf Vrioni”, Pallati ALSION, Tirane, Albania

Abstract: General objective of this paper is to realize an Energy Audit Services for the facilities in order to contribute towards improving the energy efficiency of the building sector and specifically towards energy efficient hospital buildings. The Energy Audit did prepare the technical analysis based on energy performance assessment of hospital buildings for Lezha Regional Hospital. Main goal of the study has been how to collect data and provide useful information on the existing energy performance of selected Hospital buildings through energy auditing as well as suggest possible interventions for improving their energy efficiency. The audit of the Lezha Regional Hospital also aims to integrate the latest technological solutions in order to get a significant energy saving in the existing hospital building, through better management of energy resources and reduction of losses. An analysis of building structure, technical systems and thermal comfort is given. Electricity represent the main energy source followed by diesel oil. Are identified and analysed factors that influence energy consumption. This analysis presents the key findings and recommendations from the application of EE/RES measures for Lezha Regional Hospital as an example that can be applied to other hospitals. Following energy audit, a list of prioritized energy conservation measures requiring further consideration are drawn up, indicating the energy saving for each one, the respective investment required and providing a cost-benefit analysis, showing both economic and financial indicators.