The effect of social responsibility toward environment and society A field study in the Iraqi business organization

Author(s): Anas MAAROOF1, Mosstfa MAAROOF2
  • 1. Department of Business Administration Yüzüncü Yıl University Van turkey
  • 2. Department of Environmental Engineering, Konya Technical University Konya turkey

Abstract: This study aims to know the extent to which Iraqi business organizations respect the principles and laws, environmental and social responsibility approved by the Iraqi government, a random sample was chosen from the group of small and medium industrial companies (research sample) and the estimated questionnaires were distributed, (150) a questionnaire for executives in the top management of companies and conduct structured personal interviews with the heads of environmental protection departments in the organizations to determine the pollution caused by these companies. On the other hand, this study light on attention to environmental issues on the part of social responsibility, especially in industrial projects because they have negative effects on the environment such as pollution, desertification, global warming, increased carbon dioxide emissions, loss of biological diversity. The researchers reached several conclusions, the most important of which can be mentioned: There is a multiplicity of views on social and environmental responsibility by the sample members, some companies were applying environmental responsibility, but with a small percentage, many companies do not apply responsibility because they affect the company's economy.