Author(s): Izet Ibrahimi1, Nurten Deva2, Musa Rizaj3, Justina Shiroka-Pula4
  • 1. SPE – KOLLEGE
  • 2. University of Mitrovica Faculty of Geoscinces , Republic of Kosovo
  • 3. University of Mitrovica Faculty of Geoscinces , Republic of Kosovo
  • 4. University of Prishtina, Faculty of Economics, Republic of Kosovo

Abstract: Environmentally responsible and rentable metallurgical industries put among their key objectives the development of utilization schemes of all of its middle – products. The smelting process of nickel oxides ores is almost slag process, where about 75% of the calcine pass to slag. In the New Ferronickel smelt plant in Kosova, produced slag is thrown in the landfill without adequate proper treatment. Such exploiting concepts, without any valorisation strategy, have resulted with the no effective manufacturing cost, irrational use of resources and high concentrations of polluting components. This slag represents the mid - product, with the high value effects in economy and environment. Developed research in terms of opportunities to use it, prove that the application of the integrated dry granulation method will transform slag into a resource with improved qualities (composition and properties - by adjusting it in the valuable aggregate for cement products, asphalt concrete and all other of the construction industry). In renewable energy source, through returning it in production process and reduce its pollution impacts. Quantitative – qualitative assessments and potential economic- environmental impacts, are research object in the laboratories of the New Co "Ferronikeli", Xella-Kosovo, AHN Group - Prishtina, “Ramtech - Zagreb, Silcapor - Kosovo, etc. Obtained results are presented in this paper