Author(s): Hülya Şevik1
  • 1. Konya Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, Konya, Turkey

Abstract: Zero Waste Project which was launched actual by the Environment and Urbanization Ministry of Turkish Republic in 2017. Prevention of wastefulness and more efficient use of resources have been targeted and in this context works has been carried out. A total of 1544 people have been trained in schools, public institutions and organized industrial zones and visited to public institutions / organizations, non-governmental organizations and associations within the scope of the project. Participation was provided for the activities of universities about zero waste in Konya Province. Competitions were organized to increase the awareness among children and teenagers. The registration of 2437 institutions and 40 municipalities were done to the Zero Waste Information System Implementation Module.18,875 tons of paper and cardboard was recovered, 12,797 tons of plastic, 3850 tons of glass and 7 tons of metal waste were recycled. 1.989 tons of waste batteries were collected. 35,529 tons of non-hazardous waste was utilized Disposal of wastes without utilizing within the recycling and recovering process causes serious loss of resources both as material and energy. There is an unavoidable increase in consumption while population and living standards in the world are increasing, and this situation increases the pressure on natural resources and disrupts the balance of the World so limited resources cannot meet the increasing needs. Considering this situation, the importance of efficient use of natural resources becomes even more apparent. For this reason, in recent years, zero waste application studies in all over the world are spreading in both the individual, institutional and municipal areas.