Author(s): Zoran Sapuric1
  • 1. University American College, Skopje, North Macedonia

Abstract: Ambient air quality has an important impact on the environment. It is a global, regional and local environmental problem. Air pollution affects human health and quality of life of the citizens. Threats from аire pollution threats have been growing permanently. In North Macedonia in the last ten years the problems with air quality has beckоme the biggest environmental problem. This has particularly dramatic range in the urban areas in the capital city Skopje, Tetovo, Bitola and other bigger cities. According to the data from World Health Organization more than three thousand people per year have premature death caused from air pollution. The most critical situation is with pollution from suspended particles PM 10 and PM 2.5 but also the degradation of air quality is caused by others harmful substances such as, CO 2, SO2, NO and other harmful substances. The air pollution in the country is measured by 17 fixed measuring stations and 40 mobile stations. This provides the information to the citizens and rising of its public awareness, and also contributes for intensification of activities in combating with air pollution. Undertaking measures and activities for combating the air pollution is a - -big challenge for mitigation the damages from air pollution for central and local government, but also for the business sector, experts, nongovernmental sector and all involved stake holders. There are many factors which cause air pollution such as: traffic and transport, industry, energy, heating and particularly low quality of heating wood, unsustainable construction, destruction of greenery and other factors. North Macedonia as a candidate state, expects beginning of negotiations with the European Union. In 2005 the country started with transposing the EU air quality regulation into the national regulation, especially the Directive 2080/50 EC. In 2005 was adopted Law on ambient air quality which is detailed in several sub law acts. The national regulation transposes the main principles and standards from EU regulation, but the problems appear with its practical implementation. There is a need of undertaking urgent measures for mitigation the negative effects of air pollution, not only for the fulfillment the obligations toward to the EU accession, it is a necessity for the improvement of human health and quality of life. The main aim of this paper is to analyze the conditions in the area of air pollution and to compare with the situations in the EU and to give some recommendations for the urgent improvement of the ambient air quality in North Macedonia.