Author(s): Ade Sumiahadi1, Ramazan Acar2
  • 1. PhD Student of Dept. of Field Crops, Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey.
  • 2. Selcuk University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Field Crops, Campus-Konya

Abstract: Indonesia is a country located on the equator, between two continents and two oceans. For this reason, Indonesia has a tropical sea climate. The amount of precipitation and humidity in Indonesia is very high. Due to the high amount of precipitation, water availability and groundwater with a shallow water table of the land are also very high in Indonesia. However, wet climatic conditions and high precipitation amount intensively cause alkaline washing in the soil. Consequently, it causes most of the lands in Indonesia to become acidic. Approximately 70% of the total land in Indonesia is acid soils with a pH less than 5. As a tropical country, Indonesia has a very high biodiversity of plants. There are many plant species that can be used as fodder. These plants originate from various families. This paper tries to give general information about some plants grown in acid soils (low pH levels) used as the most common animal feed in Indonesia.