Author(s): Ummugulsum Gunay1, Sukru DURSUN2
  • 1. Environmental Engineering Department, Engineering & Natural Science Faculty, Konya Technical University, Konya, Turkey
  • 2. Engineering and Natural Science Faculty, Konya Technical University, Konya, Turkey

Abstract: In parallel with the increase in population, the increasing need for food with urbanization and industrialization requires to new and renewable production techniques as well. In environmental problems, as well as the disposal of solid wastes is significant , it is important that their use in food production too. In this respect, it has been allowed to use in the agricultural land of the sludges by Ministry of Environment for soil improvement if it is provided necessary conditions for sewage sludges. The aim of this study investigates the effects on the agricultural land by mixing with bulking materials of sewage sludge. It has been investigated how affected the soil structure and plant growth by composting in different ratios with cornstalk which is used as a bulking agent of sewage sludge which provided from the sugar industry. The investigation; it was carried out in 5 different parcels (2m * 2m) and as 3 replications by mixing different amounts of agricultural waste and sewage sludge. It was studied parameter values such as pH, EC, COD, dry matter amount (KM), organic matter amount (OM), penetration resistance, infiltration rate at the investigation undergoing approximately one year. Further, spinach plant has been used in order to examine to plant development, in this study. Generally, it has been observed that there is an effective growth in parcels used sewage sludge and cornstalk when evaluated in terms of plant development. It was observed that sludge disposal or recycling is appropriate the composting together of the sewage sludge and bulking materials for this research.