Author(s): Emre DALKILIÇ1, Sukru DURSUN2
  • 1. Konya Technical University, Department of Environmental Engineering, Engineering and Natural Science Faculty, Konya, Turkey
  • 2. Engineering and Natural Science Faculty, Konya Technical University, Konya, Turkey

Abstract: With the rapid population growth, the industrial revolution and the developments in the industrial sector, the quantity and diversity of human demands have increased. In order to maintain healthy life which is the most basic requirement of human being, it has needed fresh air, it has left natural materials in order to meet increasing demands and it has accelerated production of synthetic and artificial products. The use of chemical materials in these products is very important for both cheap and easy production of the product. However, these chemicals, which are used to avoid cost and work load and can easily become volatile at ambient temperature, have started to be used in the indoor environment and have a negative impact on human health. In the past, the idea that "indoor air quality is cleaner than the outdoor air quality" was demolished by the current research. "What's the volatile organic compounds, what are the sources of spread and what are the effects on human health" began to be the subject of research. In this study, to determination of volatile organic compounds that continue to spread at room temperature from the materials and processes used in industrial environment such as paint, wood, insulation materials and cleaning products production processes, evaluate the environmental standards, determine the impacts on environmental health and it is aimed to determine the activities that what can be done to reduce pollution.