Author(s): Güler Göçmez1, Muzaffer Bahçıvan2
  • 1. Selcuk University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Geological Engineering, Konya, Turkey
  • 2. Selcuk University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Geological Engineering, Konya, Turkey

Abstract: The settlement area is 15 km south east of Ermenek District which is named as Kayaönü because it was built on the edge of large rocky cliffs, The Kayaönü resources in the study area provide drinking and use usage water of the Kızıbağ spring and the Ulubağ fountain area and attract the interest of local and foreign tourists with its natural wonders. In the field of study Pemian basement forms the Belpınarıtepe formation. The Eocene aged Yenimahalle formation, which consists of claystone, marl, and shale, is unconformably overlain by this unit. Yenimahalle Formation is composed of Miocene aged Mut Formation which is composed of reefal limestone and dolomitic limestone with angular unconformity. These units are covered by angle unconformity by alluvium. Yenimahalle Formation is semi-permeable unit, Belpınarı and Mut formations are permeable unit. The Kayaönü sources are discharged from many points in the cave formed at karstic limestones belonging to Mut formation from 1430 m. Source outputs show a linearity in the NW-SE direction. Water outlets were trapped inside the cave and a canal was collected and moved outside the cave. Kızılbağ Spring is discharged from the Yenimahalle formation with 1190 m elevation found in east part of Kayaönü village. Ulubağ Pınarı is discharged from the limestones belonging to Mut formation found in the east part of Kayaönü village. The temperatures of the sources are 13-14 ° C, pH 7,7 - 8,2, Electrical conductivity 240 - 330 mμS, total mineralization is between 240-280 mg / l. According to the Schoeller diagram, the waters in the study area belong to the same origin and they are in the MgHCO3 facies. According to the Piper diagram, waters are grouped in zone 5 and carbonate hardness> non-carbonate hardness. Such waters are CaCO3 and MgCO3. Waters are more than 50%. carbonate hardness According to the Wilcox diagram, waters are in very good use. According to US salinity diagram, waters are in C2-S1 class.