Author(s): Simgenur Ataş1, Selim Dogan2
  • 1. Selçuk University, Engineering Faculty, Environmental Engineering Department, Konya, Turkey
  • 2. Department of Environmental Engineering, Konya Technical University, Konya, 42031, Turkey

Abstract: Water has gained much more importance than ever before and continues to hold its value. Whether the subject of water involves the quality standards or the quantity, it’s prevalence is undeniably a part of our lives. Civilizations have established facilities where these natural reserves lie. There are many advancements about the methodologies and processes of water in terms of transportation, quality control and usages. Recent technological advancements and innovations have dramatically eased and protected the potential faults and dangers that would be likely to occur under normal circumstances, in addition to quality in terms of sanitation. The limitations of these natural resources in our world are constantly strived for, hence causing social and international conflicts. The root cause of war by political and military conflict can then be identified by analyzing the importance of natural resources, furthermore, the uses and the fairness of use. In this study, security and protection measures are discussed in order to combat potential assaults or sabotages to water resources or treatment facilities. The types of these potential threats to drinking water are examined in this study. The standards and the importance of drinking water are explored in detail alongside the potential difficulties when facing constraints or threats in form of sabotage.