Author(s): Kübra Ayşegül Kala1, Selim Dogan2
  • 1. Selçuk University, Engineering Faculty, Environmental Engineering Department, Konya, Turkey
  • 2. Department of Environmental Engineering, Konya Technical University, Konya, 42031, Turkey

Abstract: Stadiums, as a product of intense interest of football, which have large areas are recently become a sustainable structure with the development of technology. Stadiums have larger areas than many building types. The number of users is high, so, the environmental impact is high. An important effect is the amount of water used in stadiums. A large part of the water usage in the stadium is for watering the grass and flushing in toilets. As a solution of this issue for the increasing environmental challenges in the world, the rainwater that falls on stadiums is recovered and stored. The siphonic rain water drainage system is used in some stadiums in the world and in Turkey as well. Detailed information about this system is presented and the potential of rainwater harvesting from stadiums in Turkey is investigated.