Author(s): Güler Göçmez1, Hilal Güven2
  • 1. Selcuk University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Geological Engineering, Konya, Turkey
  • 2. Selcuk University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Geological Engineering, Konya, Turkey

Abstract: Ilıca hot sprıng is 70 km from Kahramanmaraş city centre. Formation of Permian age-old Dedeardıçgediği formation in the area of investigation This tectonic lithologic units on the Jurassic-Cretaceous ophiolite rocks and Tertiarry comes elderly. Ophiolitic units are located in the study area and Miocene sediments of Mesozoic limestone aquifer where groundwater is to create quality rocks. Ilıca hot waters in the study area North of the town are exposed along the east-west trending faults. However, in recent years, sources close to the source because it is made by drilling wells dried up. Ilıca thermal plants in the surrounding waters is taken from the drlling performed by the MTA. Source Ilıca creek valley in the flow stream 3,44 l/s temperature 41 oC pH ı 8,2 total mineralization of 270 mg/l. This is done due to resource drlling dry. The temperature of the waters wells around Ilıca Spa is made of 41 oC- 49 oC. In the hot waters of Ilıca Ca and HCO3 ions predominate anda re in the CaHCO3 facies. Hot waters are in the class of poor mineral acroterm waters. NO2, NO3, NH4, PO4 and heavy metal analyzes were carried out in the hot waters. NO2, PO4 NH4 values are below the limit value. The NO3 value in the stream is higher than the limit value. This ion, which is high in the water, is derived from human and animal wastes, as well as magmatic and volcanic gases. According to the heavy metal analyzes, Mn: 0.05-1.71, Cu: 0.2-0.9, Cr: 8,9-15.7, Zn: 0.5-3.5, Cd: 0.03-0 , 05, Pb is o, 1 =, 3 mg / l. The geological structure, tectonism and hydrogeological conditions and the protection zones against contamination and the precautions to be taken in these zones have been determined around the source and drilling areas.