Author(s): Abdülkadir Serdar Önal1, Selda Uzal Seyfi2
  • 1. Konya Sugar Industry and Trade Inc
  • 2. Selçuk University, Faculty of Agriculture, Agricultural Structures and Irrigation Department, 42021, Türkiye

Abstract: Milk has a very important for human nutrition. In order to produce high quality milk, it is necessary to determine the appropriate to animal welfare of the dairy farms with the researches and to propose solutions. The dairy farms of Konya Sugar Industry and Trade Inc. are the biggest farms in the Konya region, as well as important for the region's animal husbandry in order to support and develop the region's animal husbandry. This study was carried out between 2017-2018 in order to determine the structural characteristics of dairy cattle farms in Konya Sugar Industry and Trade Inc. and to determine the suitability for animal welfare. Sugar Industry and Trade Inc. carries out animal husbandry activities on 6 separate farms under the name of Meram campus. From these farms, Şekersüt and Çumpaş are dairy cattle farms. Şekersüt dairy farm was built in 2005 while Çumpaş dairy farm was built in 2006. They had an animal capacity of 9 thousand and 1000 thousand, respectively. The farms are in semi-open loose and free-stall houses with high technology usage. Increasing the number of high-capacity dairy farm using high technology and information should be beneficial in raising the region and country's animal husbandry to the desired level.