Author(s): Admir Jançe1, Anila Jançe2
  • 1. “Aleksander Xhuvani” University, Elbasan, Albania
  • 2. Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Sofia, Bulgaria.

Abstract: The study is performed in Elbasani region; cities in which many biological studies carried out in recent years. Palynological information featured in this paper are provided in earth depositions of last XX centuries - last Quaternary or last period of New Holocene. Through this study we try to provide paleopalynological information for the layout of this family during Holocene period, for the geographical location in which the Elbasan city is located. The goal of this presented paper is to provide information about the Holocene distribution of Caryophyllaceae spores and pollens, bearing in mind that different ground depths correspond to certain time periods. For this purpose we taken different sediment samples in each station, every 25 cm from the surface up to 4 m deepness. Approximate data about sedimentation rate are given, from about 1.87 mm/yr (during 1500 years at the Basilica of Bezistani) and up to 2.5 mm/year at the depths 2.8-4 m (0-V centuries). Paleopalynological information given for this family are provided for the first time exclusively in this work and does not exist any similar work of this nature and for this family in the Albanian Palinology literature. Sample treatment and microscopic examinations were carried on at the Study University “La Sapienza”, Rome. Survey and palynomorphs photos it was carried on using Motic BA310 microscopes with 1000x magnification. In conclusion we can say that the data provided is sufficiently clear for the Holocene layout of this family.