As an organizing commitee, we are honored to invite you to attend the International Symposium for Environmental Science and Engineering Research 2020 which will be held on 4-5 July 2020 online. This event will be a useful for researchers, engineers, students, academics and anyone interested in environmental engineering and science. Through the conference, it will be possible to establish new partnerships, to share knowledge and experiences.

The purpose of the symposium is to give information about the environmental sciences and engineering to participants. In this symposium all participants will take advantage about environmental topics with the help of foreign participants and several poster and oral presentations. Also, this symposium aims to provide connections for students and to provide opportunities for experts to share and discuss their experiences.

Received papers will be accepted after peer review and all accepted articles will be printed in the proceeding book.

Cezar Kongoli, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, University of Maryland, USA
Hysen Mankolli, Editor of IJEES, Health and Environment Association, Illinois, USA
Lyudmyla Symochko, Uzhhorod National University, Ukraine
Massimo Zucchettı, Dipartimento Di Energetica, Torino Polytechnic University, Italy
Mohamed Abdelmalek Khemgani, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Kasdi Merbah University, Algeria
Marcelo Enrique Conti, Rome sapienza University, Italy
Petr Madera, Mendel University, Czech Republic
Shahabuddin Memon, Sindh University, National Centre of Excellence, Analytical Chemistry Director, Jamshoro, Pakistan
Suzana (Kuci) Golemi, University of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi”, Albania
Zoran Sapurik, American University, Macedonia